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Whitening & Stain Removing Shampoo - All white haired animals

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Ocean Blue Shampoo

The ultimate shampoo for grays, paints & palominoes!

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Ocean Blue – A Natural Winner!
Our award-winning shampoo has still not been bettered - voted best shampoo for grey and pinto horses two years running, and winner of the UK’s “Your Horse Best Buy” award for shampoos for greys.  Ocean Blue is fabulous for lifting the yellow out of manes and tails, or cleaning and whitening any areas of grey or white hair on your horse's body or legs.

Dog owners can use this shampoo on any white areas of their dogs coats for show quality and gleaming whiteness. Used by many professionals in the showing world.

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 Contains: aqua, sodium lauryl ether sulphate, glycerine, coconut diethanaolamide, rosemary extract, gentian colouring, nettle extract, aloe vera gel, methyl paraben (preservative), sodium chloride, citric acid


You can use our Ocean Blue on Horses, Dogs, Sheep and Cattle. In fact many owners who show their animals at top levels rely on this shampoo to produce brilliant white gleaming coats.