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  • Sponsor Sharon White: YEH Championship


    Sharon White’s homebred Midnight Flight “Eve” competed in the east coast four year old young event horse at Fair Hill International October 18 and 19.  Sharon and Eve finished on a score of 77.79! Sharon is thrilled with this…

  • AVHMA Conference 2018


    We're back at The American Holistic Medical Association's Annual Conference in Kissimmee, Florida this weekend - Oct 4-7 and can be found educating the attendees on natural animal health, with our 'condition-specific' herbal…

  • Land Rover Kentucky - Sharon White in Top Ten


    We're celebrating a fantastic result for our sponsored rider, Sharon White on Cooley on Show "Louie" at the Land Rover Kentucky Three Day Event - a finish of 8th place and only one of four horses to finish on their dressage score! …


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